Paediatric speech clinic

Speech disorders in children are common and often managed by local speech therapy services. The speech clinic caters for children with significant speech difficulties due to dyspraxia, complex needs and motor disorders.

Service delivery: This service is for assessing medical aspects of children with speech disorders. To ensure high-quality person-centred care, the service is best delivered as a one-stop clinic where a clinical assessment is followed by assessment of speech jointly with a speech therapist and audiological testing if required. Where appropriate, follow-up is delegated to the local audiology/speech and language services. Prior assessment medical reports, speech and language reports and questionnaires are often required to ensure best use of the appointment. Support may be required from school staff and educational psychologists. These professionals work in close liaison with the clinic.

Additional requirements: Local pathways with access to a range of professionals are required, eg neurologists, paediatricians and others.

Workforce: The service is best used in conjunction with local professionals, ie specialised speech and language therapists. One hour is usually required for seeing a new patient and 20–30 minutes for a follow-up appointment.

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