The Health Foundation Patient Safety Resource Centre   

The measurement and monitoring of safety written by Professor Charles Vincent, Susan Burnett and Jane Carthey aims to draw together academic evidence and practical experience to produce a framework for safety measurement and monitoring.

Continuous improvement of patient safety : The case for change in the NHS by John Illingworth of The Health Foundation. This report highlights the complexity of systems and argues the case for change in patient safety management.

The Berwick Report This report by international patient safety expert, Donald Berwick, highlights the main problems affecting patient safety in the NHS and makes recommendations to address them.

Improving quality in the English NHS: A strategy for action by Chris Ham, Don Berwick and Jennifer Dixon, The Kings Fund. This reports calls for quality improvement to improve patient experiences including patient safety.

Safer healthcare – Strategies for the real world by Charles Vincent and René Amalberti, from the Health Foundation. This book sets out a system of safety strategies and interventions for managing patient safety on a day-to-day basis and improving safety over the long term.

The Royal College of Physicians has hosted patient safety seminars examining how to deal with patient safety incidents in terms of transparency and leadership (pages 12-13) but also how to improve and embark on quality improvement (Pages 28-29). These seminars provide examples from a variety of healthcare settings in the UK and USA.

The National Early Warning Score (NEWS) was developed to improve the detection of and response to clinical deterioration in patients with acute illness. It has been widely implemented across the NHS and in other healthcare settings across the world and was created to standardise the process of recording, scoring and responding to changes in routinely measured physiological parameters in acutely ill patients. The latest version was updated in 2017. NEWS2 has received formal endorsement from NHS England and NHS Improvement to become the early warning system for identifying acutely ill patients - including those with sepsis - in hospitals in England.